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Our custom manufactured product attachments allow for the secure, high-profile presentation of your items on some of the most challenging of containers, including various types of packages and bags.

Ship us your items – from cutting-edge promotions to informative disclosure booklets – and we will return them to you encapsulated in custom manufactured, adhesive-backed packages, either die-cut on rolls or fan-folded into cartons. In addition to providing a time-tested, reliable outsourcing option for the manufacturing and packaging aspects of your project, Lauraville may save you countless hours of labor on the back-end as well, since many of our attachment solutions can be applied right on your production line, with the use of an automatic label applicator.

Our process provides a high degree of visibility and a secure ‘on-pack’ presentation, and also provides the following invaluable benefits:
  • Eye-catching and memorable appearance;

  • Items are directly viewable to the customer;

  • Tamper-proof encapsulation on four sides safely secures your high-value item;

  • Adhesive strength may be tailored to your project needs;

  • Provides protection and security from both dust and moisture;

  • High-speed, automated production ensures high quality, extremely accurate counts and rapid deliveries;

  • Wide-ranging volume capabilities – from fewer than 5,000 units to upwards of 500,000 units, our multi-line manufacturing facility can complete your project quickly and cost-effectively.

Lauraville’s solutions are truly customizable, allowing you to create a breathtaking, one-of-a-kind promotion. Please contact us so that we can discuss the following premium design features which will enhance your project:
  • Sleek, premium materials and innovative designs for breathtaking, high-end promotions – including holograms, foils and metallic finishes, and both transparent and opaque appearances;

  • Sustainable options – choose recycled content and/or other renewable raw materials;

  • Easy-open” – yet always tamper-evident – alternatives;

  • Printed top or bottom films – include your branding in the most eye-catching locations, so that the consumer spots it immediately;

  • Variety of adhesives – temporary or permanent, rubber or acrylic.

To discuss how our attachment solutions might be integrated into your next project, please contact us or request a sample or quote.