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Lauraville Packaging provides you with a variety of product attachment capabilities, allowing your promotional items to be applied to almost any type of package or bag.

We will work with you to meet your most innovative promotional needs by finding novel ways to promote your products. From 'on-bag' DVD or flash drive promotions to 'on-pack' gift and membership cards, our process ensures that you reach your target consumer directly and cost-effectively.

Lauraville’s approach provides various benefits not found in many more traditional promotional campaigns. Our encapsulation technique is not only water-proof and temperature resistant, but can also include tamper-proof or tamper-evident features, ensuring that your promotional items arrive safely in your customer’s hands, intact and ‘on-pack’ under almost any weather conditions. Lauraville can also meet your needs for more traditional promotional items, such as coupon booklets, recipe booklets and product information.

Our automated processes streamline labor and production costs, passing along savings from economies-of-scale to our customers. And our in-house sample team is available to meet your most innovative design needs and challenges, from colorful holograms to sleek foils, ensuring that your promotional products are both eye-catching and memorable.