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What differentiates your product from neighboring product displays on store shelves?

Our on-pack solutions make your product stand out and are perfect for the secure attachment of gift and loyalty cards, coupons, rebates, DVDs and even promotional flash drives.



Trying to find the best way to launch your television, video game or awards show promotion? Deliver a "teaser" DVD or "business card" flash drive directly into the hands of your target audience.

Adheres securely to:
  • magazine covers;
  • shopping bags;
  • direct mail promotions.



  • attach kids' loyalty and membership cards to your cereal or toy boxes
  • attach an informative DVD or flash drive about canine health to your dog food bags
  • attach a gift card to almost any product or container
  • attach coupons or rebates for cross-promotions and tie-ins



We have been attaching product information and safety data to containers and packages since 1983.