Industry Standard Practices and Procedures

At HP Mile, Inc. pharmaceutical labels are our specialty. We understand that producing pharmaceutical labels requires extra controls over and above typical product labels. We must follow rigorous quality standards.

HPMile_inset_3• All production processes are clearly spelled out in our Quality Manual.
• We have customer specific work areas in three separate locations with people that have been trained and working with the same procedures and producing the same labels for years.
• Our employees are continually trained. In fact, they take part in off-site cGMP training classes a minimum of three times per year.
• Our Standard Operating Procedures are a result of over 50 years of experience in pharmaceutical QA/QC, including documentation at each step of our …production process.
• We continually update our equipment and stay on top of developments in technology that will help us produce better labels.

Extended Content Labels

A Perfect Solution

HPMile_inset_4HP Mile has introduced extended content labels (ECL).  This is a perfect solution for the FDA regulations that require more product information, such as multiple language translations and lengthy and complex drug facts on their labels.

Benefits include:
• Increased copy space by 200%
• Ideal for FDA Drug Facts and multiple languages
• Simple and effective open and re-seal ‘system’
• Functions well on round bottles and syringes.
• Can be applied with standard labeling equipment
• Can be used with your current package design

Traceability Feature:
Also, removing a portion of the top label from the bottom label is a feature that allows it to be affixed to another substrate.  This is ideal for patient, drug, or device tracking. You can remove specific parts of the top label and transfer it to such items as a patients chart or on smaller containers of the same medication.  This is a solution for many traceability needs.


Inserts & Onserts

agrochemicalHP Mile Packaging, a division of HP Mile, Inc. is a custom manufacturer of promotional and regulatory inserts and onserts, including Versa-Label® (encapsulated pressure sensitive booklets), Smart-Pak® (pre-loaded packing list-style envelopes) and encapsul•Ad® as well as bandolier-style overwrapping and neck hangers.

Our process can encapsulate various items relevant to multiple industries, including gift or membership cards, promotional DVDs, coupons and informational and instruction booklets.

Please contact us to discuss the possibilities for your project. We welcome the opportunity to work directly with promotional, advertising and marketing agencies, as well as with commercial printers and other packaging and labeling firms.

Major Benefits:

• conspicuous, on-package visibility
• improves end-user communications
• attractive appearance
• sleek holograms, foils and metallic finishes available for premium product promotions
• sustainable alternatives
• tamper, chemical, temperature and water-resistant construction (under most conditions)
• saves manufacturing, loading and application time
• many solutions can be applied with an automatic label applicator
• adheres to almost any type of package – even bags & pouches.

We have been attaching product information and safety data to containers and packages since 1983.